Pendaftaran Keahlian

Persatuan Bahasa Arab Malaysia (PBAM)


  • Payment

  • We will not process your application before receiving your proof of payment


There are two type of membership

  1. Lifetime Member
    • Membership valid for life
    • Registration fee = RM115
  2. Yearly
    • Membership valid for one year. After one year, member have to renew
    • Registration fee = RM39

Please pay the registration fee before submitting below form.

All submitted registration will be discussed in comittee meeting. Once accepted by committee, we will send an email or snail mail as confirmation.

All rejected application fee will be returned fully

Application is for Malaysian Citizen ONLY

All payment should be made to the following account. Payment by FPX and Credit Card will be available later

Please made payment first before submitting the form. *Your payment will be refunded fully if registration is rejected by committee*

Akaun Bank Islam : 14023010011011

Any question or problem should be made to the following person:

Hajjah Maimunah : 012-2980778
Hajjah Aizam : 017-3372282